Amid this chilling winter, Qamar Foundation embarked on a mission to bring comfort and relief to the underprivileged, orphaned, and homeless children of Afghanistan.
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In a land where poverty casts its long shadows, these innocent souls face immense hardships. The biting cold amplifies their struggles, leaving them vulnerable and in need of urgent assistance. Recognizing this dire situation, the Qamar Foundation extended its caring hands to shield these precious lives from the harsh winter’s grasp.

Through their tireless efforts, winter clothes were distributed with love and care, becoming a shield against the biting cold winds. The radiant smiles on the faces of these children, now adorned in cozy garments, were a testament to the impact of this noble initiative.

However, the work of the Qamar Foundation does not cease with the distribution of clothing alone. Their unwavering dedication persists as they continue to provide essential food packs, ensuring that no belly remains empty during this frigid season. The foundation’s commitment to eradicating hunger and poverty echoes the teachings of Islam, fostering a sense of unity and compassion within the community.

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