Qamar Care

Social Economic System

Understanding the culture and how the social expectations are cared out in Afghanistan, we came up with Qamar care a social economic system. There is, unfortunately, a negative notion that not all beggars on the street are needy and not all charities deliver the people’s trust to the right hand.

In a board meeting, we set out a line of rules and steps of finding, verifying unfortunate members of our society and then issuing Qamar care card, which they can present to anyone as evidence of being genuine individual in a state of humanitarian need. Donors can verify the card through our website or by getting in touch with Qamar charity via phone or email.

We created a comprehensive online software which is accessible through our website, in this software we have registered different types businesses, particularly  medical centres to grant a reasonable discount in goods and services, with an additional lead with the medical centres to deliver free medical treatment to those who present the Qamar care card.

Since we have the record of all the registered cardholders and businesses across the country, the cardholder can call us and check the nearer medical centre or general store in case they are in the state of emergency assistance.