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The effects of years of war, ongoing instability, and natural disasters have placed Afghanistan in a precarious position. Poverty kills more people than direct fatalities resulting from conflict, over a third of Afghans live on less than $1.90 (£1.40) a day.

Experiences over the past decade have shown that improvements can be achieved through national efforts and international aid, but huge challenges remain. Afghanistan ranks third most likely to suffer from humanitarian disasters as the country remains incredibly vulnerable to disasters such as floods, droughts, and potentially devastating earthquakes.

With a struggling economy, the challenge faced by Afghanistan’s vast youth population is huge. More than two-thirds of children do not attend secondary school and 10% of children are subject to child labor.

Help in Different Areas

Create A Better Future

Emergency Aid to a starving family

With only $100 you can feed a family for an entire month.

Provide a source of income to family

If 4 special people like you donate $150 we will be able to set up a small business for a family.

Emergency food package

With $50 you can gift a food package to a family.


For many people in Afghanistan life can be particularly challenging:

  • 3 out of every 5 Afghans are under the age of 25 (UNFPA, 2017)
  • Afghanistan hosts more than 3.4 million refugees returning home, asylum seekers, and internally displaced people (UNHCR, 2020)
  • More than 1 in 20 children die before they reach their fifth birthday (World Bank, 2016)
  • 41% of children suffer from stunting (UN World Food Programme, 2017)

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