Educational Scholarship Program

Education plays a pivotal role in guiding Afghanistan’s promising youth towards a brighter tomorrow. At Qamar Foundation, we recognize both the importance and power of knowledge in empowering individuals and lifting up communities. With nearly two-thirds of Afghans under the age of 25, supporting education has never been more crucial for progress.


If you yearn to make a difference through your studies and career, we encourage you to apply. Scholarships cover full or partial costs of tuition, equipping honorees to unleash their talents. Join us in cultivating Afghanistan’s greatest resource – its youth – and help build a nation of opportunity for all.
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Together, through learning, we can shape a world where no dream remains out of reach due simply to lack of means. Apply today to begin your journey towards an education that will undoubtedly transform your life and community.

That is why our mission focuses on eliminating financial barriers that prevent deserving students from pursuing their dreams. Through strategic partnerships with top learning institutions worldwide, we are proud to announce that in 2024 we aim to grant 100 national scholarships across diverse fields of study.

Our scholarship program has a proven track record of success. Just last year, 40 national and 15 international awards enabled Afghan scholars to focus solely on reaching their academic potential. Witnessing the triumph of scholarship recipients as they graduate and go on to excel in their careers is what inspires our work.

Qamar Foundation is dedicated to sowing the seeds of knowledge that will blossom into a brighter future. When we empower today’s leaders with education, we invest in tomorrow’s prosperity. By sharing opportunities with talented yet underprivileged peers, scholarship winners also pay it forward for generations to come.

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