Tragedy Strikes: Devastating Earthquake Claims Thousands of Lives

In the wake of the catastrophic earthquake that struck near Herat City in Afghanistan on 7 October 2023, our hearts are heavy with sorrow. The tremors, measuring a staggering 6.3 magnitude, have unleashed unimaginable destruction upon the land. A series of relentless aftershocks only adds to the anguish, as families and communities reel from the staggering loss.

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Initial assessments, filled with grief, reveal that over 2,000 precious lives have been tragically lost. These souls, belonging to the resilient people residing in 12 villages across Zindajan, Ghoryam, Gulran, and Kushak-e-Rabat Sanghi Districts, have been taken from us too soon. The affected province of Herat bears the brunt of this calamity, where the earth shook violently, leaving behind scenes of despair and desolation.

Amidst the ruins, we find shattered homes, crushed dreams, and broken spirits. More than 600 houses have been partially or fully damaged, leaving families without a place to call their own. The plight of the survivors, numbering 4,200 individuals from 600 families, is heartrending. Among them are 1,400 internally displaced persons (IDPs), forced to flee their homes and seek refuge in Herat City. They now find themselves seeking solace in abandoned structures, longing for a sense of security and stability.

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In this hour of need, we must rise together. With your support, we can rebuild lives and restore hope. Your generosity will provide urgent medical care, shelter, clean water, nourishing meals, and essential supplies to those affected by this disaster.

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