COVID-19 Appeal

Relief to the families who have affected COVID-19 and protect orphans and widows who are not yet affected.
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The global death toll is now nearly 40,700, with more than 900,000 confirmed cases, according to the World Health Organization, which has declared the outbreak as a global pandemic. Afghanistan has confirmed 16 cases but more than 50,000 have returned from Iran which is the 3rd country that has the most cases internationally and more people are returning every day. The ministry has expected the number of affected people to rise rapidly.

We might not be able to do much against this virus but at least we can provide support to the families who have been affected by this and provide them with the essentials like masks, disinfection solutions, gloves, soap and food packages, etc. So the infected do not need to visit the outside world and spread the virus further.


How we are going to handle the distribution?

In Qamar, we have a big list of widows and orphans across Afghanistan register with us to give humanitarian aid and we can reach out to the most vulnerable.

Anyone who is affected by covid19  can apply to receive regular support to their family and together go through this crisis.

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