100% Donation Policy:

We take the trust of people very seriously and guarantee that every last penny of your contribution is spent on the cause/project you have donated towards. Meaning, if you donated for water well, your money will only be spent on the delivery, construction, labor, and materials required in building that well. Not a single penny will go towards administration, marketing, or generating further funds alhamdulillah.

Donate in Crypto

SOL Wallet Address (SOL): 3uWC3tCiUFZmfxkV5BUxvbgr8FnR4PUJ4oCkeYoFPyAi
Direct Bank Transfer in the UK:
Account Name: Qamar Foundation
Bank Name: HSBC
Account Number: 51464809
Sort Code: 40-09-10
IBAN: GB42HBUK40091051464809
E-Mail: finance@qamarcharity.org
Bank Accounts in Afghanistan:

USD Account No. 007801200705578
Bank: Azizi Bank

AFN Account No. 007801100703405
Bank: Azizi Bank

Details for Western Union and MoneyGram Transfer:

Address: Kabul, Afghanistan
Contact: +93 77 722 2178

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