Qamar’s School under Yaqeen brand

Yaqeen High school is a privately owned school system in Afghanistan, and Qamar has one school under the Yaqeen brand in Parwan province.


About: Yaqeen School system

Yaqeen offers a complete package of education for children and adults from Kindergarten to 12th grade. Yaqeen School is the first school system in Afghanistan with high technology and applied science practice systems in an Islamic environment.

The gap between rich and poor is dramatically increasing globally. in past one-decade Afghanistan has become home to such unjust phenomena, in fact, rich kids never get to meet less fortunate children of society to understand their struggle and eventually find a solution to tackle such social injustice and poverty, At Yaqeen we provide a high-quality education to children from all walks of lives irrespective of their family background and financial capabilities.


Orphans with Qamar

We have 100+ orphans under the orphan’s sponsorship program, we are supporting their education, medical care, stationary and monthly allowance. In sha Allah, once the orphanage and school projects are complete, all the orphans will live in the orphanage and pursue an education at Yaqeen’s school.


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