The Untold Story of  Shahzadah’s Childhood

The Untold Story of Shahzadah’s Childhood – Shahzadah is thirteen years old. Every morning he is hoping that alongside his school studies (he is in the fifth grade), he will be able to buy food for his family since he has nobody to look after him and his family.

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How do Shahzadah and his family live?

His family consists of eight members (three brothers, three sisters, and his mother). Their father died three years ago and their sick mother is being taken care of by her daughters who are not able to go to school. Additionally, they also take care of their young brothers. 

Shahzada and his family used to live in the Kunduz province and after his father’s death, Shahzada and his family had to move to Kabul since the security situation in Kunduz is deteriorating day by day. They currently live in a rented house (3000 AFN per month) in the seventh district of Kabul city.

How does Shahzadah continue his education and how is he earning money to fulfill the basic needs of his family?

Shahzadah goes to school every morning and studies at school till noon. In the afternoon, he polishes people’s shoes. He sometimes sells plastic pockets on the side of the roads to earn money for his family. After an exhausting school and workday, Shahzada returns to his home tired. 

There are thousands of orphans in Afghanistan living like Shahzada who start each day hoping that someone might help them financially and admit them to a school so that they will be provided with a good education. This way they strive to have a somewhat stable life in the future. 

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Sources of great stress for Shahzadah’s Childhood and other afghan orphans

The death of a parent, illness, poverty (almost one-half of the Afghan population 46% lives below the poverty line), and moving homes are all sources of great stress for anyone of any age.

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