Winter Kit and Food packs Distribution to 300 Families
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Winter in Afghanistan can be extremely harsh, with temperatures dropping to -23°C, sometimes even lower, but with Qamar Foundation Deserving families will be happy to have Winter Kits that will keep them warm.

Qamar Foundation has initiated the distribution of 300 winter kits and food packs among poor and deserving people in Kabul province.

The life of people in Afghanistan are horrendous as they lack food, clothing, and blankets. The cold has a devastating effect on their lives, and they sometimes become victims of its effects, including children and the elderly. Consequently, Alhamdulillah Qamar Foundation distributed winter kits and food packs to 300 families in kabul and has launched a winter emergency drive to provide winter kits (Heaters, Blankets, Jackets, Coats and Shoes) and food packs to those in need during the winter months.

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