Qamar Foundation Distributes Winter Appeal Food Packs to 200 Families in Khost

Qamar Foundation, a leading non-profit organization dedicated to humanitarian efforts, has successfully distributed winter appeal food packs to 200 deserving families in Khost. This initiative aims to provide essential food supplies and alleviate the hardships faced by vulnerable communities during the winter season.
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With the onset of winter, many families in Khost struggle to meet their basic needs due to extreme weather conditions and limited resources. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Qamar Foundation swiftly mobilized its resources and collaborated with local partners to ensure the timely distribution of food packs to those in need.

Each winter appeal food pack contains an assortment of nutritious and non-perishable food items, including rice, lentils, cooking oil, flour, canned goods, and other essential staples. The selection was carefully curated to cater to the dietary requirements of families and provide them with sustenance throughout the cold season.

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