News Update: Qamar Foundation's Ramadan Food Aid Reaches Thousands Across Afghanistan

Ramadan 2024 has witnessed the unwavering commitment of Qamar Foundation to alleviate hunger and support families in need across Afghanistan. Through its extensive Ramadan Food Aid program, the organization has distributed essential food packs to thousands of families, ensuring they have access to nutritious sustenance during the holy month and beyond.

The food packs, carefully curated to sustain families of 5 to 7 members for the entire month of Ramadan and beyond, have been distributed in various provinces, bringing relief and hope to countless households.

In the capital, Kabul, 400 families recently received these life-sustaining food packs, while the distribution extended to other regions, including Kunar province (305 families), Ghazni (200 families), Wardak (220 families), and Kandahar (300 families). Further to this, we had distributions in other provinces as well during the first and second weeks of Ramadan which the updates are available at our news section.

Qamar Foundation’s efforts have not stopped there. With hundreds of additional distributions planned in Parwan, Balkh, Faryab, Jawzjan, Samangan, Sare Pul, Bamyan, Daykundi, Logar, Kapisa, Laghman, Nuristan, and Kabul provinces until the end of Ramadan, the organization aims to reach over 5,000 families, benefiting an estimated 35,000 individuals.

The food packs distributed by Qamar Foundation contain a comprehensive selection of essential items, including flour, rice, cooking oil, lentils, beans, and other staples, ensuring families have access to a balanced and nutritious diet during this blessed month and beyond.

Through this extensive Ramadan Food Aid program, Qamar Foundation has demonstrated its steadfast commitment to addressing food insecurity and alleviating the suffering of vulnerable families across Afghanistan. By providing these essential food packs, the organization not only fulfills the immediate needs of families but also empowers them to focus on spiritual nourishment during the holy month of Ramadan.

Qamar Foundation’s efforts have been met with immense gratitude and appreciation from the beneficiaries, who have expressed their heartfelt thanks for the organization’s compassion and support during these challenging times.

As Ramadan draws to a close, Qamar Foundation remains dedicated to its mission of serving those in need, with plans to continue its humanitarian efforts and reach even more families in the coming months, ensuring that no one is left behind in the fight against hunger and poverty.

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