Qamar Foundation Team provided emergency aid to southern provinces

This winter, over 80 people and tens of thousands of cattle have died due to freezing temperatures across Afghanistan cattle have died within a week as many provinces of Afghanistan witnessed a cold wave, with temperatures dipping to as low as -33C (-27F).

Most of us have the luxury of sheltering in a comfortable home, huddled up in a warm bed at night, or sitting in front of a heater while winter is a stressful and miserable time for Afghan families due to the lack of warmth and shelter. It is difficult for them to survive.
As heating costs rise, cold weather accompanies soaring inflation in Ghor and Herat provinces, causing families there to lack food and heat. Small children, pregnant women, the elderly, and the disabled are at risk of serious illnesses like influenza and Covid-19 without adequate warmth and nutrition.

In the cold winter months, they needed immediate assistance to ensure their safety. As part of its mission to help the neediest people, Qamar Foundation distributed food packs, warm clothing, heaters, wood, and blankets in order to keep them warm.

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