Qamar Foundation Builds 69 Houses for Herat Province Earthquake Victims-Feb-2024

Herat, 6-feb-2024– In a remarkable effort to provide relief to the victims of the devastating earthquake in Herat province, the Qamar Foundation has completed the construction of 69 houses. The earthquake, which struck the region on Oct. 7, 2023, left numerous families homeless and in urgent need of shelter.
With a deep commitment to helping those affected by natural disasters, the Qamar Foundation swiftly mobilized its resources and initiated a comprehensive housing project. The primary objective was to provide safe and sustainable housing solutions for the affected families, ensuring their well-being and offering renewed hope for the future.
The construction of these 69 houses marks a significant milestone in the recovery process, as families can now move into secure and comfortable homes. Each house has been meticulously designed to withstand potential seismic activities, adhering to the highest safety standards.
Moreover, the Qamar Foundation ensured that the houses were equipped with essential amenities such as clean water supply, sanitation facilities, and electricity, ensuring a dignified living environment for the residents.

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