Qamar Annual conference 2019

16 August 2019, Qamar Charity foundation organized it’s very first annual conference At Barg Sabaz hall, in Kabul Afghanistan. On this special day, many guests participated from different parts of the country. Guests included Government officials, businessmen, government employees, presentative of different communities, sponsors and the general public. The event was opened with the recitation of Quran and introduction about the event, followed by short videos presenting last year achievements of Qamar Charity foundation.
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summarized presentation of Qamar Charity foundation provided to the guests with background information over the development of one year. Many guests were delighted after witnessing Last year achievements and it’s a positive vital role in the community.

Rahmatullah Nowruz president of Qamar Charity presented the financial report and what we have done in the current year and what we have planned for the years to come. at the closing of event, a call for the fundraising was made to collect fund and material support for the building of orphanage and school for orphans in Kabul, Afghanistan.


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