Extending Support and Rebuilding Lives: Our Ongoing Efforts in Crisis Response

We are pleased to share an update on our recent efforts to provide immediate assistance and support to communities affected by crises. At Qamar Foundation, we remain dedicated to responding swiftly in times of need, offering relief to those facing adversity.

In the aftermath of the devastating Herat earthquake, we have taken action to provide essential aid to impoverished families. Through our efforts, we have distributed hygiene kits, food packs, warm clothing, blankets, and hot meals, ensuring that those affected have access to the basic necessities they require. Our commitment to being on the ground has allowed us to extend support and relief during natural disasters like floods or earthquakes.

Recognizing the immediate needs of vulnerable populations, we understand the importance of addressing food security and hygiene requirements. In collaboration with our dedicated team, we will be distributing food packs, emergency warm clothing, and hygiene kits to eligible families in Herat. By ensuring access to these essential resources, we aim to alleviate hardships and provide a sense of stability to those who need it most.

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