Distribution of food and basic materials for Afghan refugees who were forcibly expelled from Pakistan
In the arid Torkham camp, on the border with Pakistan, thousands of Afghans driven out of shelter in Pakistan are preparing to rebuild their lives in their homeland. At least 210,000 Afghans, many of whom have spent most of their lives in Pakistan, have passed through Torkham in the last two months after Pakistan declared the undesirable.
Under overheated tents, families pack their thin belongings into overloaded trucks heading to various Afghan provinces. With only 15,000 Afghans (190 euros) in their pockets, some find themselves homeless or employment prospects in an already precarious country. Sher Agha, 43, a father of nine and a former security guard in Pakistan, is expressing his uncertainty: “We have nowhere to go, we have no home, no land, I have no job.” I don’t have any family in Kunduz (home province)”.
The deported Afghans already had precarious lives in Pakistan, and many sold their meager possessions to fund the return journey. While more than 2,500 families were flowing into Torkham each day in early November, in recent days, the flow has declined to about 400 families a day, according to the International Organisation for Migration (IMO).
Our goal is to build 70 homes for the refugees who have arrived at the Torkham crossing, offering them a place to call home amidst their challenging circumstances.
We invite you to join us in our mission to extend support and rebuild lives. Your generous contributions will directly impact the lives of individuals and families affected by these crises. Together, we can make a difference and bring hope to those facing challenging circumstances.
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