Qamar General Stores

Whenever there is a crisis in Afghanistan or a special event like the holy month of Ramadhan, Eid, etc. the prices of daily provisions go up without any valid reason. The businesses store stock and then sell them at a much higher price in the crucial time of need.

Conventionally these businesses should be fulfilling their social responsibility to respond humanly towards the community in times of need.

Qamar has set up general stores, in different parts of Afghanistan’s capital city Kabul, in order to tackle this issue and control the market.

Qamar’s stores will be selling non-profit goods to the Qamar cardholders who are verified, unfortunate members of our community.
The general public can buy goods (at reasonable prices) from us. The revenue from their purchases will be directed to Qamar’s projects to save lives and improve community standards.

Address: Shah Shaheed, First Street, Kabul
Contact: +93 (0) 78 900 0159